Harnessing the Power of Social Proof: A $2940 Revenue added in 7 Days

The Client’s Online Presence Challenge

Our client’s e-commerce platform was performing well, but we believed it could achieve even more. Recognizing the impact of social proof in today’s digital marketplace, we set out to improve the website’s persuasive power.

The Opportunity

We hypothesized that incorporating customer testimonials directly into the home page banner would strengthen social proof and, in turn boost the conversion rate. The idea was to leverage real customer experiences to build trust and credibility right from the first interaction.

Unveiling the Test

After validating our hypothesis with raw analytics data, we redesigned the home page banner. Gone was the usual, benefit-driven copy standing alone. In its place, we introduced a dynamic duo: the original compelling copy on the left and a genuine customer testimonial on the right. This new layout was then put head-to-head with the original in an A/B test.

The Results

The outcome exceeded our expectations. This strategic addition of a customer testimonial led to a remarkable 59% increase in conversion rates. In tangible terms, this meant an uplift of $2.58 per website visit, culminating in a striking revenue increase of $2940 in just 7 days, and an
additional $12,600/month from this one win

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