Client enjoys 75.75% Conversion Rate Increase and +$87,122 through Headline Change

Tackling the Client’s Challenge

Our client faced a common yet critical issue: a landing page with a disappointingly low conversion rate. We quickly pinpointed the culprit – an underperforming headline and sub-headline.

The Hypothesis: Speak Directly to the Customer

Our strategy was straightforward: revamp the headline and sub-headline to address the potential customer’s core needs and concerns more directly. We believed that a more targeted and problem-solving approach in our copy could significantly uplift engagement and conversions.

Setting the Stage for the Test

To validate our hypothesis, we launched the A/B test. The original page with its generic headline served as our control, while the variant featured our newly crafted, customer-centred headline and sub-headline.

Compelling Results

In 3 weeks, here’s what we found: The new, more focused headline and sub-headline led to a remarkable 75.75% increase in the landing page’s conversion rate. In money talk, this meant an extra $87,122/year for the client


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