Boosting Trust and Conversions: The Power of Brand Association

The Challenge

We partnered with a client seeking to improve trust in their brand trust and also conversion rates. Their website was already performing well, but they believed that leveraging their established relationships with popular brands could make things even better.

The Hypothesis

Our hypothesis was straightforward: Showcasing the names of popular brands our client had worked with, directly below the add-to-cart button, would bolster trust in their brand. We anticipated that this enhanced trust would directly translate into higher conversion rates.

Crafting the Test

We put our hypothesis into action with an A/B test. We introduced a new section titled “We are Trusted by” right below the add-to-cart button, highlighting the renowned brands our client had partnered with. This strategic placement was designed to catch the eye of potential customers at a critical decision-making point.

The Impact

The test yielded remarkable results within just 7 days. The introduction of well-known brand names led to a 57% increase in conversion rates. This was not just a percentage increase; it translated into a tangible uplift of $2.79 per visit, culminating in an impressive revenue boost of $4,575 in its first week alone, and est. $19,600+ in a month.

Key Takeaways for E-Commerce Growth

This win underscores the immense value of brand association in building consumer trust and driving conversions. It demonstrates how small additions to a website, particularly those that enhance credibility, can have a significant impact on a business’s bottom line.

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