Boosting Sales with a Simple Change: A $324,456 Success Story

The Client’s Challenge

Our client, an established electronics e-commerce store, was already capitalising on the power of discounts. But we noticed something, they displayed savings in percentage (like “19% Off”.

Identifying the Opportunity While that is effective, we believed a more direct approach could enhance the customer experience. Our idea? Replace percentage discounts with the exact dollar amount customers would save.

Implementing the Test

Replaced save percent with save amount

We ran our A/B test, replacing “19% Off” tags with clear “Save $97” labels. This straightforward change aimed to make savings more tangible and immediate for customers, and reduce the mental workload of having to calculate exactly how much they will be saving.



The outcome was astounding. Within just 14 days, this strategy led to a 95.09% increase in conversion rates. This generated an additional $27,038 per month and a projected annual increase of $324,456.

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